From its inception in June 2014, the need for volunteers to support the various ministries of the church at all levels was increasing. It became more evident during a time in response to the need for volunteers at the Church of God by Faith, Inc. 100th Centennial Convention historical celebration.

The Executive Council and church responded to a need desiring to make a difference in the organization and community by implementing the volunteer ministry which joined forces together as a vital portion of a larger ministry; with a goal of making a lasting impact.

The determination and call were direct to those who were able to offer volunteer services according to their interests, gifts, and availability. 

After careful thought and prayers, the Executive Council appointed Sister Cornell Hampton as the organization’s first Volunteer Coordinator. 

The call was also directed to the youth 15 years old and up to any age throughout the organization.

The primary purpose of the volunteer ministry is serving and promoting the church in focusing on building the Kingdom of God by winning lost souls, reaching the hurting and reconciling the wounded. Thereby, contributing to and supporting the Mission and Core Values which includes the ministry of growth in five phases.

  • Phase I –Evangelism Explosion and Outreach,
  • Phase II – New Church Growth and Development
  • Phase III – Ministerial and Leadership Training
  • Phase IV – Economic Power and Financial Security
  • Phase V – Retirement Plans and Benefits

Visit www.cogbf.org under the about us tab select our fellowship and then Mission and Core Values to get the full mission description of each phase.